Saturday, 20 November 2010

Lonely Planet launches Guide to Planet Earth

The Traveller’s Guide to Planet Earth is an exciting new collaboration between travel experts Lonely Planet and award winning BBC documentary Planet Earth.

From the highest mountains to the deepest seas, the hottest deserts to the frozen poles, The Traveller’s Guide to Planet Earth reveals the places you dreamed of visiting after seeing them on the BBC’s landmark series, and shows the reader how they can explore the destinations for themselves.

The book allows readers to experience 50 extraordinary destinations from the BBC’s spectacular documentary. Divided into chapters which correlate with each episode of the popular television series, the book explores the mountains, fresh water, caves, deserts, ice worlds, great plains, jungles, shallow seas, seasonal forests and deep oceans across the planet.

Each chapter includes several locations featured in the series, with the best times to visit and some of the experiences you are likely to encounter. Practical information on how to prepare for your trip, how to get to each destination, what to see while you are there, and fast facts for each destination. The book is full of spectacular images and inspiration from Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler and Planet Earth episode producer Mark Brownlow as both introduce their three favourite locations from the book.Whether it’s hiking the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, standing under the sequoias of California or observing birds of paradise in New Guinea, The Traveller’s Guide to Planet Earth covers a wealth of experiences and locations around the globe.

“Travel is about continually exploring and this book offers a world of wonderful destinations that will inspire and delight even the most experienced traveller. This fantastic book gives readers the opportunity to explore the spectacular wildlife and landscapes from the BBC’s Planet Earth series, teamed with expert knowledge from the Lonely Planet. Both the adventurous traveller and the armchair dreamer will love this stunning book," says Lonely Planet travel editor Tom Hall.

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