Shoestring started out as my Final Project, when I was studying towards my B.A. (Hons) Travel Journalism at the University of Central Lancashire. Now that I have graduated, I have decided to continue it as a proper online magazine, bigger, better and for a wider audience.

To achieve this, I am looking for travel savvy writers who would like to contribute.

Shoestring is a travel magazine aimed at the 18-30 year old student and gap year travel market, although all readers and writers with an interest in this kind of travel are obviously welcome. Next to experiences and suggestions for the next trip, I want it to cover advice as well. This can include everything from photo tipps to the best backpacks, and come in page-long articles or short 70 word "good to know" snippets.

I want to introduce a "My kind of town" section, where twenty-somethings introduce their hometowns and suggest hip places to hang out, cheap thrills, beauty spots, the coolest new bars - that sort of thing. So if you want to introduce a city that you know well, get in touch! I'm also always looking for simple (and I mean fool-proof), tasty recipes from around the world.

Shoestring should also feature outdoor stories, active stories, including extreme sports - but on a travelling angle. This could for example include travelling to New Zealand to bungee jump from the bridge where the sport was invented or crossing China on a pushbike. There are no real limits, as long as it has to do with travelling and is of interest to the target readership. Stories exploring different cultures are also welcome!

Have you recently read a really good (factual) travel book? Seen a great documentary? Want to explain why David Attenborough / Michael Palin / Ray Mears (delete as appropriate) is your travel hero? Tried a new travel app on your phone? If so, I'm looking for short reviews.

As you see, I want Shoestring to be a one-stop kind of magazine, that offers all the info relevant and of interest to the readers. Please have a look at Shoestring's Contributor Guidelines!

So if you have stories you want to share with like-minded travellers, please get in touch with me through the contact form on this website. I can't offer any money but your story will be published under your own name, so this could be a great way to extend your portfolio. If you know anyone who might also be interested in contributing, please spread the word. Shoestring is also on Facebook, so drop by and join!