Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Contributor Guidelines

If you would like to contribute to Shoestring, please send your travel stories to

Please remember that Shoestring is a free and ad-free project, and contribution is voluntary.

Shoestring's aim is to inspire travellers by sharing experiences and advice. Stories should be written in an informal, personal style. Imagine telling your friends about your travels. Whether your story is funny or more serious is up to you.

Features should be between 800 and 1300 words in length. Stories should be experience reports about projects (volunteering, work & travel, etc.), regions/countries, sports, methods of transport or cultural experiences. Advice pieces should be at least 400 words in length and can cover any aspect of travel. Please include any relevant URLs and pictures/illustrations (subject to copyright). Stories should be written in British English (e.g. "travelling" instead of traveling", "favourite" instead of "favorite" etc.).

When submitting a story, please include your name, a picture of you for your writer profile, as well as your age and a short description of yourself. Captions for all the pictures are also needed and should include the picture file name for easy identification, and a detailed description.

Pictures should be sent in jpg format and be at least 250kb in size. The file name must include the place name, what's in the picture and name of photographer (e.g. "kenya - elephant orphanage - cornelia kaufmann.jpg")

Use either Arial or Times New Roman fonts and 12pt size for your stories. Please send the stories in either doc, docx or rtf format, or alternatively in the body of an email.

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