Thursday, 3 February 2011

Have your say!

Shoestring is a travel magazine from backpackers for backpackers and those taking Gap Years and Sabbaticals. And as such, you, the readers and contributors, should have say in what you want to write about. After all, this magazine is meant to inspire as well as share advice and experiences.

With the third issue out in late January, it is time for a bit of feedback.

What do you like about Shoestring?

Are there any topics/sections you would like to see included? If so, what would you like to read more about?

Do you find the advice/info handy and useful?

Your feedback will help shape Shoestring, and provide you with the one-stop travel magazine you want. So please leave a comment below, every response will be appreciated!

Thank you.

Conny Kaufmann - Editor in chief


  1. Hi there!

    I really like Shoestring! It's unique, I've never seen a travel magazine like this before! The mixture of stories and advice is both interesting and very helpful, and I especially like the fact that the mentioned URLs are clickable! What a brilliant idea! Such an easy way to get more information in a beat!

    There is something I'm missing though, and that's travel book or equipment reviews (or both?). Is there any chance of maybe adding a page to include these?

    Shoestring is a great piece of work - whatever you do, please continue creating this! I'll make sure to bookmark this website and check back for the next edition, I can't wait!

    All the best,

    Jodie Mackenzie

  2. Useful mag with plenty of handy tips, although more than a little biased towards under 25s, students and the like. I suppose that is inevitable,but try to remember that there ARE older backpackers around, really! (I'm 66 and still travelling light)

  3. great idea. will follow it diligently. any ideas on india travel? would like to contribute......