Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Explore Syria On The Go

Syria and the Euphrates Valley are now open to travellers wishing to explore a region rich in culture, history and eye-opening sights.

On The Go tours now offers three exciting new tours through and to Syria, so get going!
The 17-day tour "Cairo to Damascus" combines Egypt, Jordan and Syria, while the 7-day "Sojourn to Syria" tour does exactly what it says on the tin!

A colourful, 12-day "Arabian Odyssey" private journey will let you experience the best of Jordan and Syria, including marvelling at stone city Petra, getting sand in your shoes in the Wadi Rum desert, floating in the Dead Sea and discovering ancient ruins, important cities and crusader castles such as Aleppo, Damascus, Palmyra, the Euphrates and Krac des Chevaliers.

For more information, check On the Go's Syria section

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