Monday, 13 September 2010

London's travel book heaven

On a recent trip to London, I found heaven. Well, travellers' heaven. The world's largest Map & Travel Bookshop, located right in the heart of the British capital.

It is called Stanfords, and located on Long Acre between Leiceister Square and Covent Garden underground stations. It offers everything from travelogues, guide books, advice on Gap Years and Green Travel to maps, travel magazines and local interest books. Throughout the store, you can find travel assessories ranging from Click Away insect bite sting relief to Spray-On Showers. They've even teamed up with Craghoppers to offer travel clothing in store.

The sheer amount of information on the shelves at Stanford is amazing, and well worth rummaging through. Bear in mind, however, that this shop does lend itself to spending a small fortune in there, so keep track of your purchases. I was ready to pitch a tent and move in there, with all the books I could ever want about travel right at my fingertips.

I have managed to walk back out onto the street in London with only a small bag of travel related purchases, which is a real achievement for me. Over time, I will review some of the books they have in stock for you though.

In the meantime, check out Stanfords' stock online!

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