Thursday, 16 September 2010

Treasure hunt in London and online!

If you're in London today (Thursday, 16th September) and have a Twitter account, join the Intrepid Treasure Hunt and follow clues left on Twitter to find eight hidden globes around London. Each globe contains a travel prize, like a trip to Kenya, Morocco or China or travel vouchers for your next adventure.

To go hunting, follow Intrepid on Twitter and follow the clues! So get your smartphone out and buy a day ticket or load up your Oyster card!!

For all those of you who cannot be in London today, there is still a chance of bagging a GBP 2500 vouvher from Intrepid! For this, follow Intrepid on Twitter like above and search for #intrepidtreasure_VIRTUAL to join the global treasure hunt! If you missed any clues, check the Intrepid website for the weekly update. Solve the riddles and win while sitting at home or work!!

And if you do want to get out there and explore and feel the thrill of the hunt but can't make it to London, your next chance will be in the USA.

The next and last city treasure hunt will be in Chicago on 23rd September. So if you're in town, jump on the El and follow the riddles around the Windy City for your last chance of finding the hidden globes and bagging a travel prize!

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