Saturday, 25 September 2010

An odyssey around the world

For the last 89 weeks, Graham Hughes has been travelling. He is on a mission: To be the first person to travel to every country in the world using surface transport only!

So far, Graham has been to 171 countries, and he only has 29 to go! On his travels he has been jailed, is not allowed to take any private transport and he has to set foot on dry land everywhere he goes. To make things even more challenging, the whole expedition is a Guinness world record attempt!

On his Odyssey Expedition, Graham filmed himself for the first year of his travels (2009) and "Graham's World" was produced by Lonely Planet Television in Australia and broadcast on National Geographic Adventure. In Graham's own words, the show featured "little old me, my camcorder and my toilet seat bouncing around planet Earth like a wanton loon. WOOOOOOO!!"

Check out what he's up to now!

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  1. I don't have the time reading all about his expedition because I'm travelling at the moment, but I'm curious: Is he doing it with or without any money? Because if he's doing it having all the funds and background, it's just too easy and not the same. I mean, I'm quite amazed he's done so many countries so far, but I'd be really blown away and jealous if he's done it without any financial resources. That'd be the kind of project I'd love to see: A man travelling all countries on earth without any money, just with "a little help of my friends", the people one meets along the road.